The Midlanders

Goddard, Agar, Denton & Harris Family Trees


Yay up me duck! Hello from Perth, Western Australia. My name is Sue Gordon (née Goddard) and I want to thank you for visiting my site. Six months ago, I wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that I’d be hosting my very own genealogy website… but here I am today.

This is my journey…

Ever since I can remember, my parents (especially Dad) loved to reminisce about his early childhood, adult working life and the large Goddard family in Leicester. (Unbeknownst to me then, the Agars and Dentons have since proven to be even larger families!) Dad’s stories were always entertaining and he had me intrigued about each family member; I would listen intently, trying to picture where they might fit in. (It turned out one of his younger brother’s shares a similar talent for great storytelling.) My Mum and her younger sister, on the other hand, had fewer stories to share. This made details about the Denton and Harris families a little harder to uncover, but I will continue to make slow, steady progress here.

Following the passing of both my parents, and with some encouragement from my Uncle and Aunty (who shared with me a partly-mapped out Goddard tree) I decided to take the plunge and finally check the whole family out – although, there is still much more to do.

‘The Midlanders’ website is truly a work in progress and where I hope you will find a variety of information about my family: The Goddards and Agars (on my father’s side) and the Dentons and Harris’ (on my mother’s side), who all predominately came from Leicestershire.

Most of the information contained in this website has been sourced from searching the many public and private family trees on commercial genealogy sites, emails from my Uncle and Aunty, as well as assistance from other passionate and generous genealogists all over the world.

I’d like to extend a special thank you to Phil, Doug, Janice, Alison, Iain, Jacqueline, Sharon, Carrie, Chris and Paula for their generous sharing of information, time, encouragement and support.

I have purposely restricted access to the website to ensure the privacy of all individuals on my tree. To access information on ALL individuals and any media/ photos, you will be required to register.

On the registration page please do indicate the reason for the access; I am more than happy to consider all requests for access to my tree when received.

As you wander through my family, I sincerely hope you find a long-lost family member or two. If you do, I would love you to let me know, The more the merrier…

If you don’t recount your family history it will be lost.

Honour your own stories and tell them too.

The tales may not seem very important, but they are what binds families and makes each of us who we are.

- Madeleine L’Engle

Some families have beautiful leaves, and some just have a bunch of nuts. Remember, it’s the nuts that make the tree worth shaking.

- Unknown